aboutUsI’m Kulwant Kaur residence of Amrala village (district Fatehgarh Sahib). Earlier, my husband- Jaswinder Singh and I, were doing dairy farming and we had 30 buffaloes in our dairy farm. We were also doing paddy and wheat farming by taking 15 acres of land on lease. I was interested in farming from the beginning wanted to do something different in this field.

So, one day when I read about KVK Fatehgarh Sahib and then I thought of giving it a try. In 2011, I took fruit and vegetable management training of 5 days from there. On the last day I participated in the competition and won first prize in making apple jam and turmeric pickle. First prize made me very confident and determined about my work and then I started doing this work.

My turmeric pickle was the most in demand product in the market. Later on, to enhance my skills I joined KVK Samrala for Phenyl, Soap, Amla Juice, Chutney and Pickle training. I implemented my training by purchasing machine from Delhi. From the same machine I also learned to make aloe-vera juice, shampoo, gel, and hand wash. I started making products at home and also marketed them. I became member of PAU Kisan Club in 2012 and I took every training given by them.

Later on I planted 1000 stevia plants out of which only half survived. I knew that stevia is very expensive so common people are not going to purchase it. So, I bought green tea from the market and mixed stevia in it and start selling it as Rs. 150 per 100 grams. Green tea was purchased by many local homes and other customers.

Currently, I am manufacturing 40 products and selling it in the nearby market and in PAU fairs. I also have a product called Satras (made up of Tulsi, apple vinegar, honey, ginger, garlic, aloe-vera, garlic, and amla) especially for heart patients and it is very effective.

Currently, the main focus of me and my family is more towards marketing and less on agriculture and dairy farming. In future, I want to market all my products myself. I also wants to impart training to other women in the society so that they can stand on their own and be independent.



2.5 acres own, 15 acres on rent.


Amla Candy, Different types of Juice, ginger pickle, barfi, mix pickle, mango pickle, chutney, lemon squash, mango squash, almond squash, litchi squash, panjeeri, turmeric powder, turmeric pickle, Satras, and stevia green tea.


Have all the modern farming machinery, Laser Leveler.


Mung Beans, Sugarcane, Fodder Crop, Turmeric, Aloe-Vera, Tulsi, Stevia, Paddy, and Wheat.

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Message to Farmers

Ladies should be productive in their free time because this helps in managing the home finances effectively. They should take advantage of the food processing training and step forward in the field of agribusiness. Agribusiness is a very profitable venture in which people can make money without any big investments.”


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